About McMahon Corp

McMahon Corp is a cutting edge technology consulting firm based out of Albany. We specialize in Web development, ERP system implementation & consultation, business process workflow automation, big data, and custom software development. Contact us today for a complimentary evaluation.


As McMahon Corp progressed into the financial software sector it has now become prevalent that the company will now take a more active role in the massive growth in crypto-currencies. Along with other new Technology sectors.

Equal Opportunity Employer

McMahon Corp is an equal opportunity employer and we strive to comply with the principles and practices of equal employment opportunity. We seek and encourage a diversity of skills, talents and viewpoints in our work force.

Factors of gender, age, religion, color, race, national origin, marital or domestic violence victim status, military status, veteran status, employment status, non-job-related felony conviction record, sexual orientation, genetic predisposition or carrier status, disability or any other category protected by law, are not utilized in deciding employment action, including but not limited to: hiring, training, compensation, evaluation, pro motion, work assignment, discipline and termination.

Furthermore, McMahon Corp acknowledges the purpose and need for affirmative action which prohibits discrimination against all protected groups. We pledge to use affirmative action at each step of the employment process. We have established affirmative action and equal opportunity as immediate and necessary objectives. The VP of Business Development is assigned the Company’s Affirmative Action manager. Questions regarding equal opportunity or affirmative action may be directed to the VP of Business Development or the President.

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